Thursday, July 20, 2017

Route 66...levitates

For some reason this picture just looks odd to the New Mexico 66 is levitating above the road.....
I like weird stuff.

Brownie with a reversed lens, T-max


  1. Very nice evocation of the 66 theme, and perfectly captured by the camera ideally suited to the task. The floating illusion is subtle enough that it adds to the appeal of the image rather than complicating perception.
    I once achieved a similar illusory effect completely inadvertently in a picture I made of some shoes on the floor of our living room. I was taken by the contrasts provided by the early morning light coming through a window and did not see the floating effect until I looked at the displayed image. I think it is difficult to perceive such illusions in the actual moment because of the way our brains assemble impressions incrementally. It makes me wonder if anyone has ever made such an image intentionally.

    1. Thanks Mike.
      I have often wondered about doing a levitation type photo on purpose, but haven't thought about it seriously enough to make it happen or try to make it happen. It's something to discuss over coffee I reckon.